Saturday, December 4, 2010

Forest River 31' Wildcat Bunkhouse

Excellent van for a travelling family. Many, many extras including
  • new tyres,
  • solar power,
  • battery system (520 amp hours),
  • 2 x LCD TV's,
  • sound system throughout,
  • separate main bedroom with double bed (can fit queen size mattress)
  • separate toilet,
  • shower,
  • vanity,
  • full size fridge/freezer,
  • microwave,
  • washine machine (plumbed into tanks and outside),
  • separate kids bedroom with 4 bunks,
  • leather lounge,
  • roll out awning,
  • 1 slide out (lounge room),
  • 2 awnings on slide out,
  • electric brakes,
  • reversing camera,
  • Hans heavy duty suspension kit (Australian conditions),
  • Trailair kingpin (with shock absorber),
  • turntable mount,
  • plenty of storage.

Please contact for more information regarding the van.

Our trip has sadly, come to an end!

I apologise for anyone who was following our trip, but we have had a few family crisis's over the last year that had unexpectedly cut out tripping around short.

Best wishes to anyone contemplating or starting their adventure of a lifetime - it is a wonderful experience!!

Chris, Nicole, Jack, Logan and Lexi
Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Travelling Oakey's would like to wish all our friends, family and readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

We have postponed our trip while we visit family for Christmas but hope to get back on the road in the future. I still have lots of exciting stories to post on our trip back home to Qld, so come back soon and continue to follow our adventure.

Happy travelling,

The Travelling Oakey's
Chris, Nicole, Jack, Logan and Lexi
Thursday, October 22, 2009
Seeing as we have made it through the "Silly Season" for another year, I now have some spare time to catch you up on our adventures in Alice Springs and the trip home for Xmas.

Now, where was I? That's right - we had just witnessed Jack's first BMX race - and what a racing legend he was!!.

Over the next couple of days, we got back into a routine. Chris working, the kids and I doing schoolwork - although one day we did have a bit of drama. Chris thought it was histerically funny when I told him, but I can tell you, the kids and I were not impressed at the time!

We had got into the habit of riding our bikes down to the local servo to pick up necessities (bread, milk etc). So on this particular day, we headed off on our treadlies and soon arrived at the shop - locked up the bikes and headed in to get the groceries. It wasn't until we were ready to leave that I realised I had left the keys for the bike lock back in the caravan!! Oh No!!! Now what??

The kids were looking at me in despair - what are we going to do Mum? "I can run home and get the keys" offered Jack - but there was no way I was letting a 7 year old run 10minutes back to the van to get the keys on his own. "We can stay here while you go back Mum" suggested Logan - No didn't like that idea either. Ever since we had arrived in Alice we had been told - make sure your bikes are locked up and don't leave them anywhere. Well at least they were locked up!!

So the decision was made - we all had to walk home, with the bags of groceries, in the heat of the midday sun, get the keys, walk back and cross our fingers that the bikes were still there! I have to say, I was a bit worried as there were lots of "locals" that hang out at the shop and I was not confident that our bikes would survive the 20min delay.

As you could imagine, it was not the most pleasant walk I have ever been on with the kids. "It's hot", "Are we there yet?" - but you know what the worst thing was? I had to drag the kids all the way back to the shop again to ride their bikes home! Once we got back to the van at least we could drop off the groceries, we picked up the keys and we were on our way back to the shop again.

It must have been our lucky day - because when we arrived back the bikes were still there - safe and sound where we left them. So on we jumped, rode home and it was only then, once we were home again after the long journey could we laugh about the whole situation!! And laugh we did! And then Chris got home - and we laughed some more!!
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today was the day.......BMX race training tonight! Jack has been counting down the days and is very keen to give it a go. So we grabbed all our gear and headed off. We signed him in and grabbed him a bike, helmet and gloves and off he went to join the other beginners and have some fun.

Most mothers would probably be really nervous here worrying that they might get hut - but to tell the truth I wasn't. It's not like he has never crashed his bike before and he probabaly wouldn't hurt himself as much here as on the bitumen road anyway - so I was pretty excited too.

The new kids were grouped together and started on the easiest bit of the track and worked their way backwards through the track until they eventually had a go at starting at the top of the track. Jack did a great job and had lots of fun and was now really, really, really looking forward to his first race on Friday night.

It seemed to take forever for Friday night to arrive - or so Jack thought anyway!! When we arrived at the track he got himself organised with his gear and headed out onto to the track to practise before the race. This was when it happened.....his first crash......over the handlebars......but he got back on and finished riding. It shook him up a bit and ripped his pants and scrapped his back, but he wanted to keep out he went and kept practising. Eventually it was time for the racing to start. All races were in age groups and they have four races each per night. He was one of the last groups to race, but eventually he was lined up at the start ready for his very first BMX race to start.....and then they were off.....Chris was very excited we cheered and clapped and he came 4th out of the seven starters.

Good first race - Jack was rapt, you could hardly wipe the smile off his face. His second race he came 4th again and then he was starting his third race for the night. He started off really well, came round the first corner in second and was looking good. Third place was gaining when he crashed towards the end and Jack ended up with 2nd!!! He was thrilled. He rode around to us and gave me a big high five and was so excited. Chris had gone around the other side of the track to film him and when Jack saw him coming back, he let out a big "yeah" and threw his arms up in the air in triumph.

His last race of the night started off really well and he was in 2nd place again, when, he stacked it. Over the handlebars in a big stack, but he picked himself up and finished the race. At the end of the night he was exhausted but happy. He told me "I'm really proud of myself tonight Mum" and so he should be he did a great job.